What is fantasy cricket and how you can earn money by playing that?

Fantasy cricket has been an integral feature of the world of cricket and the fantasy sports trend in recent years. But the question is – What is Fantasy Cricket? We must first understand how the fantasy world works and its various formats,What is fantasy cricket and how you can earn money by playing that? Articles prior to actually delving into the specifics of what constitutes a fantasy cricket.

Fantasy sports actually provide fans an opportunity to choose their favourite and best team and have a competition with the other fellow fans in a contest where they can actually win money. For instance, while watching a sport you might have had instances where you expected a player to score a fifty ahead of time.

As discussed above, fantasy cricket is a part of the fantasy sports genre. It is an online game with a virtual team of  오피 광주 the actual cricket players in which points are scored according to the performances of those players in real-life matches.

Cricket is a sport that is so much important for millions of people in this country. Even after the growth in popularity of other sports such as football, tennis, basketball and hockey, cricket still ranks supreme in the hearts of the people. Because of this growth of the cricket craze in India, fantasy cricket is introduced.

Whether you are new to this style of cricket or not, you will know that there are different types of fantasy cricket apps with exclusive factor scoring systems. Some apps positioned greater weightage on batting factors, at the same time as others on bowling factors. Also, on a few fantasy cricket apps, the factors are balanced for batting, bowling and fielding. Taking that forward, on a few apps, the factors will range relying at the layout of cricket you play.

How to play Fantasy Cricket?

Did you know you can earn money by playing fantasy cricket? Yes, believe it or not, you can win cash daily by playing that. Just select an upcoming future cricket match, create your best team, deposit some money and join a contest. Once the actual match starts, track the performances of your players and you will earn points on how they play. Here are some tips and tricks on how to play fantasy cricket to increase your winnings:

  • Choose the best players – As it is a game of skill, select the best players for the team, despite ‘big names’ and players you have special liking for, to increase your chances of winning. Making the right choices will give you an advantage.
  • Choose captain and vice-captain wisely – Pay special attention on this part and select your captain and vice-captain wisely. Surprisingly, it is somehow a matter of victory and defeat. In fantasy cricket app these two respectively get 2 times and 1.5 times the points regular players get.
  • Select top order batsmen – Make sure you select top order batsmen because of the fact that they are the players who will be playing maximum numbers of balls. Simply, your batsmen are going to win you the most points, and hence earn more money!
  • Stay alert and updated – As we all know, knowledge is power, always keep yourself updated with the news regarding your players as well as the team so that you can make necessary adjustments.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

You must know, making money is a mammoth task and never have been easy. But today, you can earn daily in the comfort of your home by playing on fantasy apps. All you need is some skills and idea about the sport to beat your competition. Here are some fantasy cricket tips and tricks that surely will help you to win your jackpot:

  • Don’t join every league or game, play only those you have researched about and have enough knowledge about that.
  • Watch out when investing, don’t put all the money at once into one game. Don’t forget, more games mean more chances to win.
  • Don’t join the leagues just before it is starting to begin. Join the game before a day or so to stay updated about the changed in the squad.
  • Save all-rounders for your team as it increases the chances of winning.

How to Build Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Fantasy games are a part of talent in which you create a virtual team and join different types of leagues to earn and win big through your knowledge about the game and yes, some luck too. For that, you will need a strong team. Here’s a guide to creating your team:

  • Download your best new fantasy app
  • Choose the new upcoming match you want to play
  • Next, you need to build your dream team
  • Start by selecting a wicketkeeper for your team
  • Pick minimum 3 and maximum 5 batsmen
  • Select 1-3 all-rounders
  • Now, choose 3-5 bowlers for your team
  • Make one captain and one vice-captain
  • Your team is now ready!

Now, join the league. Beat the rival team and earn big!

Win Big and Earn Cash by Playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Create an account on your favourite fantasy cricket app by signing up
  • Get reward of bonus points for verifying your phone number
  • Build your great team
  • Join the available league
  • Check the points after the match and withdraw the winning amount to your bank account

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps

Fantasy cricket games are the latest craze in the younger generation. Fantasy sports games are designed for sports fans of all ages. The most amazing feature of these sports is that you can win real money and withdraw it to your bank account when playing them from the safety of your own home. Nowadays, the fantasy industry is booming, and people are loving the fantasy model for displaying their cricket skills.